Take Action Before February 29th and You Could Watch the…

“Retirement Blueprint”

…Turn R5,000 into a R3.88 Million Fortune

Dear Reader,
Hi, I’m Francois Joubert, long time penny stock analyst for successful research advisory, Red Hot Penny Shares.
Today, I’m going to show you how to invest in South Africa’s best small companies…
It all starts with just two simple things:
#1: R5,000
#2: South Africa’s Penny Stock market.
And all you have to do is copy this “Secret Retirement Blueprint,” and you could retire incredibly wealthy in just a few years if you take action.
Sound impossible? It’s not!
To make it work…
You do NOT need to be a professional investor…

You do NOT need to know much about investing (even beginners can do this)…

You do NOT need a lot of money (only R5,000 to start)…

And you do NOT need a lot of free time.

But you DO need to know how to get started (including what penny stocks to invest in, where to find them and how much to pay for them)…
This is where I can help.
But if you’d rather watch your dreams about becoming a millionaire dissolve between your eyes like a puff of smoke…
Then stop reading right now.
Still with me? Great!
Let me explain how easy it is…
What you’re about to see is a little-known investing secret.
Don’t worry if you’ve never made an investment before. It’s as easy as checking your email (or making a quick phone call). Anyone can do it.
These aren’t big, expensive shares like BHP Billiton or Anglo Gold. 
The “Secret Retirement Blueprint” doesn’t work with big shares.
You need to use something called a “penny share…”

There are only a couple of hundred penny shares across all sectors of the market…
Technology, commodities, health, agriculture, energy…
But what makes penny shares different from other “normal” shares is that they’re cheap.
Shares can go for as little as a few cents to a few rands. So even small (or first time) investors can afford to play the market.
But because you’re there early…
If they take off, you have infinitely greater upside than everyone else!
In fact, even R5,000 invested in the right company can make you rich…
Consider some of these best-performing examples we’ve seen…
Like Capitec, which soared more than 77,500%…
Naspers, which would have turned R5,000 into R1.185 million,
Or Mr Price, which would have turned R5,000 into R1.412 million.

And many others.
I could go on…
But here’s what you need to know right now…
*** The NEXT big penny stock is out there right now… and you can invest in it today, long before the rest of the country, with as little as R5,000.
The best part?
Penny shares can deliver truly explosive gains.
In fact, they’re potentially the most profitable shares on the JSE.
Just look at this snapshot I took from the biggest penny stock gains:

Company Name Gain
Cashbuild 28,280%
Northam Platinum
Mr Price

Notice the column on the right?
These aren’t small winners of 10% or 20% like you’re maybe used to…
These are massive winners of up to 77,500% or more…
Moves that can change your life in the blink of an eye…
And turn as little as R5,000 into a massive, game-changing fortune.
Anyone lucky enough to invest just R5,000 into each of the penny stocks listed above…
Would have walked away with a R7,253,814 windfall.
R10,000 invested into each of them would have turned into R14,507,648!
Now what if you had invested in the JSE Top 40 over roughly the same period…
The index which consists of the largest companies on the JSE was first listed in June 2002 with a base value of 10,399.
Its most recent level is now 50,553. A gain of 386%
It’s not even close.
Here’s the bottom line:
Penny stocks are the best way for the little guy to grow rich… starting with just a few rands in your pocket.
And even if you only start with R5,000…
You could turn that tiny stake into a life-changing fortune.
How can I be so sure?
Well, just look at this…

“Why Isn’t Everyone Doing This?”

If penny shares are so great, you’d expect everyone to harness their amazing profit building potential and get rich.
Especially for the chance to turn R5,000 into R3.88 million.
But that’s not the case at all!
You see penny shares are so small, the big fund managers can’t trade them.
This is because big investment firms can buy up millions of shares at a time but if the company they buy into is a penny share, then the share price flies through the roof with a big order.
This immediately cuts into their potential profits, so a penny share just isn’t a sensible way to play the market, when you’re a “big boy.”
However, they’re great for the little guy and first-time investors!
But because the “big boys” ignore them, the mainstream media does too.
This is why most people ignore penny shares, or just don’t trust them because they don’t get the same media attention big blue chip shares like BHP Billiton and Anglo Gold do.
But just because penny shares aren’t mentioned on the news or someone's TV show, doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with them.
In fact, it’s better this way…
Like I’ve shown you, they're PROVEN to have outperformed the bigger shares… so let’s keep this secret to ourselves.
Now, back to the question of, “How much money can I make investing in Penny Stocks?”
Well, breathe deep… inhale… pay close attention… and I’ll show you…

Real Life Example: 
“Secret Penny Stock Blueprint” Generates
in Just 3 Years!

Let me show you just how potent penny shares can be when you follow the “Secret Retirement Blueprint.”

Step-by-step I’ll show you how R10,000 could have turned into more than R1.19 million.

This strategy is risky and requires a lot of luck. I would never recommend it to my readers. This is simply an “accelerated” example of how potent penny shares really can be.

That said…

These penny shares price explosions actually happened.

So although it’s highly improbable you’d be this lucky, it’s NOT impossible. That’s important to remember.

All right, here we go…

Retirement Blueprint Step #1:

R10,000 Turns Into R36,238 in 13 months!

Santova (SNV) is no ordinary logistics provider - it does not own any of its ships, trains or planes but it does own a very sophisticated software.

Never heard of them...? Don't worry.

Remember, the best profit opportunities are rarely featured on TV or covered by the financial newspapers.

In January 2014, shares traded for just 109c.

With its aggressive and innovative development strategy world wide, the share price rocketed!

After a buying frenzy by investors, Santova was then trading at R3.95 by 6 February 2015.

That’s a 262.39% gain in just 13 months!

If you bought shares at the very start and held on… you could have quickly turned R10,000 into R36,238.

That’s a nice start but chump change compared to what’s next.

Retirement Blueprint Step #2:

Collect R95,493 After 163% Mega Gain!

This is an excellent example of penny shares unmatched profitability…

You could buy Conduit Capital (CND) for a meagre 148c per share on 10 February 2015.

This innovative little company embarked on an aggressive growth plan in its short term insurance business

Predictably, this growth sent the share price soaring!

If you had invested your R36,238 from Step #1, the resulting mega-gain would have put a staggering R95,493 in your pocket!

Not bad for a handful of mouse clicks and few months “work.”

Now, compare that with a big share like Telkom.

During the same period, its share price jumped around R11.

That’s impressive… for a big company.

BUT, you would have only bagged a 61% gain.

Now look at penny share Conduit again, it jumped a mouth watering 163%!

Like I said, penny share gains are unrivaled.

Here’s even more proof…

Retirement Blueprint Step #3:

Bank R204,628… Now You’re Cookin’ With Gas!

You’ve already seen how you could have made R95,493 starting out with a tiny R10,000 initial investment.

But now things are really going to heat up…

Right after Conduit ran up, you could have rolled your R95,493 into a little-known mining resource supply company called Insimbi (ISB).

It was trading for just 70c a share in December 2015. But by April 2016, shares were trading at 150c!

That’s enough to turn your R95,493 into R204,628!

Or looking at it another way, you’d be banking an average of R909.46 every day!

Only penny shares are this potent.

Retirement Blueprint Step #4:

A sneaky 134% in 4 months takes us close to the half a mill mark!

Diving into this software development solutions company on 4 May 2016 and getting back out 4 months later on 23 September 2016 would have bagged you a 134% return on your R204,628.

Doesn't sound like much but that's massive growth in such a short space of time.

And that 134% gain would have turned your R204,628 into R478,831

Almost half a million rand...

All in the space of two years!

Retirement Blueprint Step #5:

More than half way to ONE MILLION RAND!

Compared to the explosive penny shares already covered in this profit chain, Trustco just takes it one notch higher.

From October 2016 to December 2016 you could have bagged a 51% gain.

In fact you could be R723,451 richer now, to be precise.

Imagine it, almost a million rand from just five, quick-fire trades!

Simple trades you can make from a computer with an internet connection, or your telephone.

What an amazing feeling it would be to see all this money in your bank account, and it’s all YOURS!

But keep your hands off because we’re not done yet, there’s one last step…

Retirement Blueprint Step #6:

More Than R1.19 Million 10 months later!

In this day and age, a million rand isn’t “retirement money.”

However R1.19 million in only 3 years could certainly be a great start, here’s how you’d get it…

Merafe (MRF) is a little known chrome mining company... and in June 2017, business was good!

In fact, by October 2017, its share price soared from 111c to 184c.

That’s a 65.77% gain!

Rolling your R723,451 into this run-up, you’d collect R1,199,235…

In other words, you’d be a retirement millionaire!

That’s R10,000 into more than R1.19 million in only 3 years!

Remember, these penny share explosions happened. That’s the truth. So although it’s improbable you’d ever ride a profit wave just like this, it’s NOT impossible.

That’s why I’ve given you this example, because I want you to see for yourself the amazing potential of penny shares.

When you do, you’re one step closer to…

You can do a lot with R1.19 million.

Look after your family and friends, pay off your bond, and put your sister’s kids through university. Or perhaps you’re a little more extravagant?

Then drink Dom Perignon, eat caviar, drive exotic cars and mingle with high-society on million-dollar yachts.

Or how about this…

Bank your R1.19 million into a savings account with 7.5% interest and it’s like you’re getting paid R90,000 a year for doing zip!

Only this time, YOU are “the rich!”

Talk about the rich getting richer!

The point is penny shares could help you get here.

And a heck of a lot faster if you’re lucky enough to successfully implement your own “Secret Retirement Blueprint!”

Life on YOUR terms.

Frankly, it’s what you deserve, right?

So isn’t it about time you take the first step?

Then let me tell you who I am, and how I can help you kick-start your own millionaire retirement…

Hi, my name’s Francois Joubert.

I’m the chief investment strategist for Red Hot Penny Shares.

Here’s why.

Before Red Hot Penny Shares, I studied engineering and went onto work as a business analyst for a number of local mining and engineering companies in SA.

I learned a lot about the stock market and particularly the pricing of companies like gold and platinum mines. And those jobs helped me master the most important skill of all when it comes to picking potentially profitable shares…


With hundreds of shares out there it’s very difficult to pick a winner. So you need to sift and screen for weeks on end!

That’s work you won’t have to do, if you subscribe to Red Hot Penny Shares..

Let me do the grunt work.

I bring an analytical eye and scepticism to every company I look at. I won’t make a share recommendation until I’m absolutely convinced I’d recommend it to my own mother!

Perhaps more importantly, my research is 100% independent.

Companies don’t pay me to “pump” their shares. I’m not a member of any “old boys” club and I’m in no one’s back pocket.

I answer to you. That’s it!

Few in my industry can say the same.

My only goal is to deliver my readers results because that’s the only way I stay in business, and so only the very best share picks get by me and into my readers inbox.

Picks I believe could put you on the fast track to ultimate freedom and happiness.

I have one more ace up my sleeve to make sure this is absolutely always the case…

The PowA! Penny Share Screening System is a scientific strategy for uncovering the JSE's most explosive shares.

I've developed it over many years exclusively and now use it exclusively for Red Hot Penny Shares!

Here’s how it works…

First the PowA! Penny Share Screening System automatically analyses thousands of shares, looking for proven tell tale signs of a potential penny share profit explosion.

Out of many hundreds of penny shares, my PowA! system locks onto a select few that show tremendous potential for profit.

Next, I painstakingly research each of these shares the PowA! Screening System has highlighted, looking specifically at five crucial factors common with some of the most profitable penny shares in history…

In any business, sales are #1.

That’s why I closely watch penny shares that consistently grow their revenue year after year.

It’s a tell tale sign of a company on the up… usually share price goes the same way.

In a FREE report I've called — My 'Three Shares Set To Rocket in 2020' — all three of the companies score full marks for sales growth.

They’re growing revenue at a remarkable rate, and the market they serve is exploding!

The share price is a bargain right now, but I fully expect it to jump quickly, so hurry.

You’ll get this company’s ticker, and my full analysis of it FREE, when you join Red Hot Penny Shares today.

Examples of a Profit Fortress would be a patent, superior brand or exclusive market access….

Something that makes the marketplace more competition-free. This makes it easier for a company to make more money.

And of course that’s great news for shareholders!

If a company doesn’t hold a Profit Fortress, then it’s got to be pretty darn impressive in other areas before it gets by me.

When I was researching Adapt IT (JSE: ADI) I instantly recognized that the company’s acquisitions strategy would add major profits to its bottom line.

Soon after I first tipped the share the company announced its first acquisition – adding profits to its bottom line immediately.

Red Hot Penny Shares readers who bought Adapt IT when it was first recommended were sitting on a very tidy 207% gain in less than a year.

This is just one example of amazing gains we've delivered readers recently.

When I’m assessing the business shock factor of a company, I’m looking for innovations or products that can shake up an entire industry…

Like how the Ford Model T turned the motor-industry on its head.

Or how the iPod transformed the MP3 player market.

Companies that have fresh, new ideas that appeal to a market are bound to see the sales curve go only one way — UP!

Usually, the same thing happens to shareholders' profits.

A “black cloud” might be a lawsuit, regulatory issue, or even just bad press… something that can temporarily hold back share price.

But when the Black Clouds clear, share price rockets right back up!

Let’s look at the Wescoal controversy. The company was made an acquisition offer by an international consortium. Then suddenly the deal was off the table and the CEO quit.

Wescoal's share price crashed from 200c at end March 2015 to 73c by January 2016.

Many investors bought that share, because despite its problems Wescoal is still an important player in the coal mining market.

Then, at the end of January 2016, Wescoal announced that a new mine it had built is producing coal. It's CEO issues were being sorted out and it would do an influential BBBEE deal.

As the black cloud cleared the share price shot up, hitting 260c for a 256% return by October 2016!

After I filter shares through these five crucial steps, I’m left with the very best, the top of the pile penny shares!

That’s what I then share with my readers.

But how effective is the PowA! Penny Share Screening System at picking winning penny shares?

See for yourself…

I hope you’ll write me a letter like this soon.

In fact, I’ve used my PowA! Strategy to lock onto four promising new recommendations.

They’re all yours FREE just for signing up to Red Hot Penny Shares today.

Here’s how to get them…

With amazing results like you’ve just seen, Red Hot Penny Shares really could help kick-start your very own “Retirement Blueprint.”

Join today and you could be on the fast track to riches.

Each issue is jam-packed with profitable information you could literally take to the bank, including at least one new share recommendation.

I’m confident you’ll be giddy with excitement every month when your new issue of Red Hot Penny Shares arrives in the mailbox.

Best part is it’s in plain English too, so anyone can understand!

But that’s not all you get with your membership. When you act today, I’ll also throw in four value-packed financial guides.

Here they are…

Because these stocks are so small and unpredictable, I’ll often recommend a buy-up-to price, so my readers know not to chase these plays.
And let me tell you, the profits from this situation will be “off the scale.”
To my knowledge, there’s no list of companies like this anywhere in SA.
You can’t buy a copy of this list, even if you tried to.
I’ve made the entire list available for immediate download, absolutely free of charge.
And I've gone one step further…
I’ve detailed each stock recommendation in a special report I’m calling Three Shares Set To Rocket in 2020.
When you download your copy, I want you to immediately flip open to Page 4, where you’ll find…
This penny stock health administrator has been quietly buying up market share and very few investors have noticed…
But that’s all about to change… And when the mainstream catches on its share price is going to explode.
What if I told you there’s a R1.8 billion penny stock on the JSE that administers medical aids for more people than Discovery Health does?
Unlike Discovery it’s never leveraged its massive client base.
But that’s all about to change…
And when that happens, its share price is going to soar…
You’ll also find:
Why property is always your best investment…
When I invested in my first property at the age of 22, my mentor, a man with a half billion rand portfolio gave me this advice…
“You make money on a property the day you buy it”
But it came with this sage warning…
“If you overpay at the start – you’ll never catch up.”
“What you want to do is buy a property that other investors have shunned, turn it around and then the profits will come streaming in.”
And that brings me to my latest investment idea…right now a very unloved sector of the market!
The company I’m talking about owns properties in all South African provinces, with the bulk of its properties situated in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.
Here’s the thing though… its market value today is R464 million. It manages properties worth R11.3 billion and loans to the value of R5.2 billion. That means the companies properties, minus debt, are worth R6.1 billion.
Yet the company’s market value on the JSE is less than R500 million…
So, investors are applying a 90% discount to the company’s net asset value…
Right now, there are 100,200 even 500% gains potentially on this share… but you need to move fast before the rest of the market catches on!
There is another tiny, perpetual penny stock company that recently crossed my radar…
Thanks to a shortage of pork and chicken in China, this South African poultry business could see a 106% increase in its share price in less than 12 months!
Here’s why…
I expect increased poultry demand in 2020, this will be off the back of African Swine Fever (and now also the Corona Virus outbreak.
This’ll see more poultry head to China, from South Africa.
And this business stands to profit. Not only does it produce chickens but also the feed.  And with its ever expanding operations into Africa and improved productivity, it’s only a matter of time before this stock that currently sells for pennies will fly up.

And you’ll get a first-hand look in my newest report…
All the details…
The company names…
The ticker symbols…
How to buy… when to buy… and what price to pay…
Everything you need to potentially make a fortune in the penny stock market is included in your free report, Three Shares Set To Rocket in 2020!
Just sign up for a risk-free subscription to Red Hot Penny Shares, and you’ll have instant access… for FREE.
Get Free Access to My Very Best Research
As I’ve shown you, the information you’ll receive through Red Hot Penny Shares really could help kick-start your own “Retirement Blueprint.”
But please, don’t mistake what I’m saying here…
I DON’T just focus on penny stocks…
Instead, I focus on all the tiny stocks that have the ability to make you a millionaire…
All you have to do is catch the wave of wealth before it begins.
By subscribing today, you’ll join a small and exclusive group of folks that get instant access to my very best work…
Not only that, but I’ve prepared a special “welcome package” that could help you make enough money in penny stocks to shave 10 years off your retirement date.
So not only will you get my latest report, Three Shares Set To Rocket in 2020...
But you’ll also get my entire Red Hot Penny Shares Wealth-Building System
For free.

This is perhaps the most valuable report I’ve put together because it covers the timeless fundamentals of successful penny share investing.

It’s a crash course perfect for beginners.

Inside you’ll discover…

• Exactly how much money you should invest in a penny shares.

• Why brokers don’t care if you win or lose… they make commission no matter what, so be wary of what they recommend! (See bonus #4 for a solution).

• The fastest, easiest way to make money in the market (hint: it’s NOT those big shares you hear about on TV).

• 5 tell-tale signs of a breakout penny share.

• And much, much more!

Join Red Hot Penny Shares risk-free today and this report is yours to keep, even if you cancel your membership!

Anyone can make some money buying shares, but by following a few simple techniques, you can make a SERIOUS amount of money.

With this report – you'll quickly grasp the tools for evaluating any share – including PE ratios, earnings yield, net asset value, cash flow, and more.

Plus, it reveals many of the secrets behind our highly profitable PowA! Money Multiplier system.

That’s what you get with this third report called, The Investor's Toolkit!

This report is yours FREE, with your risk-free membership to Red Hot Penny Shares.

But wait, there’s more!

I’m going to be frank, it’s a minefield out there and so whether you have a broker or not, this report will be invaluable.

You see a broker can make or break you.

And it’s not just about who has the lowest commission fees, saving on commission may cost you in other areas, so doing your research is crucial.

That’s why I’ve put this short-cut report together for you.

I cover the most popular brokers in this report, and it’s yours FREE, to keep no matter what, when you subscribe risk-free to Red Hot Penny Shares!

All of these bonuses are available instantly. As soon as you take advantage of your risk-free membership to Red Hot Penny Shares, I’ll rush these reports to your email inbox.

You can be reading them less than 30 minutes from now!

What’s more, all these reports are yours to keep forever, no matter what… even if you cancel your subscription to Red Hot Penny Shares.

Subscribe to Red Hot Penny Shares for just R870 for a full year.

That’s only R2.38 a day.

Dirt cheap for everything you get. Look at all those bonuses! In fact as far as I can tell this is the best offer I’ve ever made!

But if Red Hot Penny Shares is so good, why am I practically giving it away?

Here’s the bare-naked, warts and all truth…

At R870 we risk losing money. To turn a profit, we need your repeat business.

That means giving you a superior newsletter… one you’re so thrilled with, you’ll stay with us year after year.

If you don’t, we go broke!

Remember our research is 100% independent, so we’re not making any money on the side from crummy companies paying us to pump their shares.

So it’s in my best interests to really over-deliver here. Something I’m confident I can do in every way.

That’s why Red Hot Penny Shares is so cheap.

And that’s why I’m adding one last clincher to seal the deal for you…

When you subscribe to Red Hot Penny Shares today, you do so completely risk-free.

So you have absolutely nothing to lose by acting right now!

Here’s my unbreakable promise to you…

I’m sure you agree that’s a square deal.

If I don’t deliver, you don’t pay a cent.

But if I do deliver…

This time next year you could be drinking cocktails on a beach, forever free from the rat race and without a care in the world, simply because today, you made the decision to join Red Hot Penny Shares.

With the amazing profitability of penny shares and the “Secret Retirement Blueprint”, you could make R1.19 million in three years…

It sure sounds impossible, but you know it’s NOT!

When you think about it like that, you simply have to respond to this offer right away. There’s really no reason why you shouldn’t…

Are you ready and willing to harness the wealth generating power of the “Secret Retirement Blueprint?”

Then I urge you to subscribe to Red Hot Penny Shares today.

You do so with a full three month money-back guarantee.

This is your best shot at ultimate freedom.

Also, when you subscribe to Red Hot Penny Shares today you’ll get instant access to all four FREE bonus reports, yours to keep no matter what.

I’ll email your reports immediately so there’s no waiting around.

Simply click the order button below to get started…

Here's to unleashing real value,

Francois Joubert
Chief Investment Strategist
Red Hot Penny Shares

P.S. Remember, you have three (3) whole months to request a refund if you are not 100% satisfied with your membership to Red Hot Penny Shares – it's completely risk-free. If it’s not everything I’ve said and more, just cancel and claim a full refund. Plus, you can still keep all of your FREE bonus reports, it's my way of saying thanks.

P.P.S. Because penny shares can skyrocket overnight, I urge you to respond right now while it’s on your mind. If you miss out on a one-day gain of 50%, 100% or more, you’ll kick yourself. So click below now to get started…

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